Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Vision: Building community and raising funds so that all children in the district are thriving and have access to a robust and well-rounded education.

Mission: To foster community, staff, and corporate support for the academic, artistic, athletic, and cultural enrichment of the students of North Wasco County School District 21.

Core Values: The guiding principles of our work include-
-Equity   -Diversity and inclusion   -Integrity and accountability
-Responsiveness   -Positivity   -Unifier/Community builder
-Collaborative   -Growth mindset   -Appreciation and celebration
-Our students deserve a robust and well-rounded education and access to ample opportunities to thrive

Long Term Goals:
-Develop a fundraising strategy and execute it
-Have the appropriate paid staff to administer Foundation and coordinate fundraising
-Higher quality recordkeeping systems
-Develop a stronger identity, branding, and communications strategy
-Build community, diversity, and inclusion into our work
-Identify our signature programs, develop, and deliver them  

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